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Fields Collection

Award Winning Collection of Paintings

The paintings of Fields Collection have been shown in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom. This award winning collection of paintings bring in the best of color, vibrancy and expression of movement. Five pieces of this collection received the award of Best Collection at the Museum of the Americas for the exhibition 7 Artists, 7 Countries in 2014. Daniela Matchael represented Brazil in this exhibition. 

About Fields Collection

Looking out of an airplane window at over 30,000 feet above ground, I noticed the intriguing circular shapes that blanketed the midwestern plains. Over the next seven years, vacations and major holidays brought me over those same plains. Irrigated by gigantic rotating pivots, these circles multiplied and changed through the seasons, as did my life. 


Fourteen years had past since that first flight. However, those scenes always inspired me to explore the visual experience of movement and continuous change. With this in mind, I created the paintings of my Fields Collection.

In order to achieve movement in the paintings I manipulated media and color creating contrast and texture variation. This made the fields, present in all paintings, float over the fluid and vibrant backgrounds and seem to rotate. These variations also allowed me to create visual paths to release the tension built from the circular elements.  

These cellular units, with their variations, built the paintings as if they were building a body. They were each unique, and yet, they were part of a whole. Every time I looked out of those airplane windows I was a different person, and so the fields below were different. Each painting became a window of reflection onto the idea of ongoing life changes that make us who we are. 

Purchase Fields Collection Paintings

Please contact us for inquiries on prices and purchase pieces you see on this website. 

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