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Art Takes Flight

How This Art Came to Be

Many years had passed since I saw for the first time, looking out of an airplane window, the circular fields of crops that would inspire me to produce a series of paintings called Fields Collection. While living in Texas, the basic means of nutrition of this country fed my inspiration to embark on an artistic journey that followed a path through many lands to portray humanity’s Basic Needs, Spirituality and the Other, or the World. This would also be a literal voyage, since my art and I would travel to several states in the United States and across the ocean showing the pieces born out of this experience. 


The pieces shown on this website, and many others who have found homes along the way throughout the world,  were born out of these many years of artistic explorations and travels. 

I paint fictional scenes exploring the relationship people have with their historical, social and cultural environment. Placing characters in mundane situations allows me to investigate both individuality and collectiveness. Ultimately, the paintings are a representation of aspects of life that connect all humans.

Your Own Path Within the Art

As I build the layers of paint up on the canvas, from thinned down paint, to the thick impasto on the most prominent layers, I create a three dimensional feel to the two dimensional piece of art. This way I build paths , or valleys in between these mountains of paint.


Sometimes these paths cut between elements in the paintings, others they connect these elements. These corridors create the ability to generate what I call endless viewing outcomes to each of the paintings.


Each person who sees the painting can experience it, or see a new story within each painting their own way. To each person, the painting becomes their own unique painting. It becomes a painting no one has probably ever seen that way before.


With this personal experience viewers can truly make up their mind and opinion about the work. 

I made a short video explaining the process I just talked about.


Please turn up the volume a little bit.

(WARNING: you may want to wear a rain coat. there's some microphone spitting involved.. Technology was not happy that day. LOL) 


Born in Campinas, Brazil in 1972, Matchael has lived many places both in Brazil and the U.S. before settling in Texas in 2010. “I may have moved just as many times as I paint moving things,” says the artist. Letting go of a promising budding artistic career in Brazil in her early youth, the artist worked in business for many years before getting back to art in the mid 2000s.


Since then she has had the opportunity to travel and show her art throughout Europe, Brazil and the United States. Matchael’s work has received awards and commendations. Matchael currently lives and works in Athens, TX with her husband and has two sons. Matchael holds a BFA from the Panamerican School of Arts of Sao Paulo. Her work is in collections in France, the UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brazil and the U.S. 

Social Media

I love social media and am often there sharing my work. Here's a little bit of life in the past couple of days on Instagram. 

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