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Matchael’s art takes us from reality, from the tangible and concrete element arriving to an almost dreamlike abstraction. A hypnotic vortex in its manifestation, the art is visionary and suggestive of a continual modification of reality. It leads us to penetrate the intimate folds of this fluid blossoming existence.

Alessandro Rizzo, Art Critic (Milan, Italy)

If I was able to express myself honestly , true to who I was, based on the experiences and questions I presented to the world at the time I was creating, I have created a good piece of art. 

Daniela Matchael, Artist
About her art.

Contemporary art that inspires, energizes and connects the world.

Daniela Matchael's art tells a story and takes you on a journey through brushstrokes and paint.


Favelas Series

Vibrant, colorful and sometimes emotional representational oil paintings of favelas of Rio, Brazil. 



Koi Series

Bold and colorful abstract expressionistic oil paintings representing spirituality and spiritual pursuit. 



Fields Collection

Award winning oil and acrylic paintings with vibrant movement and color.

Visual Story Telling

I am a visual story teller. I create art that gives people the opportunity to tell their own story through colors traveling and settling through the work’s surface. 


Shapes and images, characters of this artistic narrative, interact with each other as they build the plot of the work. These interactions are built out of tension and release built upon variations of color, texture and the placement of each element in the art pieces. 


Unlike a written or verbal tale, visual art has endless possibilities. Once my work of creating and building the art is finished, the story belongs to the viewer of the artwork.


Each person who interacts with the paintings, drawings, installations or any other art form I create, will tell their own story within the colors  of the art. 



Meet the Artist

Born in Brazil, Daniela Matchael has lived in the United States since 1997. Her art career has taken her to exhibit her art throughout the world.

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If you have a question about Daniela's art, her paintings, pricing, the art supplies she uses, next exhibitions, art or creativity workshops, don't hesitate to send us a message at :

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